How Stable Is Program Quality in Child Care Center Classrooms

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Background Information

The authors, Petr Varmuza, Mihal Perlman, and Olesya Falenchuk, are affiliated with the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Based on their affiliations, one can trust the author’s opinions due to their understanding of the significant issues associated with child care and education policy regarding young children and their families.

Authors Opinion on the Issue

With substantial growth in the number of children attending Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services, jurisdiction in most western countries, Canada included, is increasing program public spending. Varmuza et al. show that “However, any rapid expansion of the supply of ECEC spaces poses challenges including ensuring safe and developmentally appropriate environments, an ample supply of qualified teaching staff, and consistent, high program quality” (2). By definition, Varmuza et al. (2) show program quality as an entity that consists of process and structural dimensions. The dimensions make it easier for children to interact with their peers. In terms of child development support, capturing direct experiences in care is significant in the quality attributed to child care programs.

Evidence to Support Opinion

The authors set out to give empirical evidence to quality rating stability in three years. Further, they sought to investigate whether quality evaluations were associated with a frequent annual basis. Based on the research, Varmuza et al. show, “Our findings do not support such a change” (20). With no guarantee of attaining high scores, evaluation frequency should not be reduced. Moreover, there was no chance of maintaining the top quartile scoring group in the three years. The researchers accept that minimizing independent evaluation frequency only makes it difficult to point out the crucial issues. Therefore, devising corrective strategies and providing the necessary programs is significant. A need exists on maintaining quality evaluation frequency as part of ECEC quality oversight regimes.

Work Cited

Varmuza, P., Perlman, M. & Falenchuk, O. “How stable is program quality in child care center classrooms?.” ICEP vol. 15 ,2021, Web.

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