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Are you looking for an online paper rewriter? Use this paraphrasing tool to generate plagiarism-free essays and research paper. The paper rewriter is an efficient tool designed for students who want to rewrite essays or articles without changing their meaning.

To use our tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Add your text into the empty tab.
  2. Select the percentage of rephrased words (from 15% to a maximum of 100%).
  3. Click the β€œRewrite” button and wait for the results.

Our β€œrewrite my essay” tool helps you efficiently generate original text for free.

πŸ–‹ Paper Rewriter Benefits

The β€œRewrite my paper” tool offers many benefits for students who want quality results.

Why is our tool ranked as the best paraphrasing tool for education?

πŸ† Effective This paper rewriter generates high-quality text with relevant synonyms. It improves readability and makes your article easy to understand without awkward words. The rewording quality is impressive and sought-after by many students.
πŸŽ“ Made for students The paraphraser was specifically designed to help students paraphrase their academic papers with ease. So, the generated texts follow the required standards.
πŸ¦‹ Easy to use The essay rewriter is straightforward, with simple steps. It doesn’t matter if your research paper is complex or not. Insert your text and press the button for quick results.
πŸ› Flexible You can select the percentage of words you need the paraphrasing tool to rephrase. It allows you to retain some information, especially if you have cited credible academic sources you don’t want the tool to omit.
πŸ’Έ Free You don’t have to pay any fee to use this best paraphrasing tool!

πŸ“ Why Is Paper Paraphrasing Important?

Paraphrasing involves:

  • Rewriting information from another author,
  • Presenting it in your own words.

It is a popular writing approach among students since it reveals their understanding of certain subjects and external sources.

Why is paraphrasing so important?

  • It allows learners to analyze and express another person’s ideas while relating to their perspective.
  • It prevents plagiarism claims since you use your words while retaining the original meaning.
  • It enables the author to incorporate relevant sources into their research paper.

Should I Paraphrase or Rewrite My Paper?

Many students think that paraphrasing and rewriting are the same. Even though these two aspects deal with already written content, they are entirely different.

Let us explore the differences.

πŸ”΅ Paraphrasing 🟑 Rewriting
What it is It is when you present another person’s ideas in different words while retaining the original meaning. This approach seeks to retain the entire information without omitting any section.
How to do it You can omit unnecessary points to generate a new version of the text. You should write the same content all over again using different words.
When to use it It is usually used to highlight specific fragments while emphasizing essential points. It is usually used when you want to restate an entire text in your own words.

πŸ“‹ How Do I Rewrite My Paper? Tips & Ideas

Essay rewriting might seem simple initially, but producing high-quality text takes skill and effort. Besides practicing your rewriting prowess, you can use a few insightful tips that might help you get better at it.

πŸ’‘ Rewrite ideas The first step is to read the original paper carefully to understand the contents. Write down essential points that reflect the author’s ideas that you want to retain in the new version. Remember that the best way is to rewrite ideas, not words or sentences.
πŸ–Š Paraphrase Put the paper away and start rewriting without referring to it. This will help you craft authentic content without plagiarizing your work.
πŸ“‘ Split the paper You can rewrite your paper in sections to simplify the process. When you complete the sections, combine the entire draft and compare it with the original paper.
πŸ”Ž Edit Remember to edit and proofread your rewritten version thoroughly. Eliminate spelling and punctuation errors while checking the vocabulary and grammar.
πŸ’¬ Read it aloud Finally, read your essay loudly to help you detect inconsistencies and illogical flow of sentences. Or you can ask a friend to read your paper and share their thoughts. It will help you get a fresh angle and improve your paper.

If you are still searching for the best paraphrasing tool, this paper rewriter will efficiently sort out your writing needs.

Thank you for reading this guide!

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πŸ“ Paper Rewriter – FAQ

πŸ“ How do I rewrite a paper to avoid plagiarism?

The first thing is to read the text and understand its meaning. You can alter the sentence structure and use synonyms for non-generic words. Write using your words to present the text from a new angle. Incorporate direct quotes to attribute the source.

πŸ“ How long does it take to rewrite a paper?

Using our essay rewriter tool to paraphrase your article takes a few minutes since it is automated. You can choose the percentage of words you want to be paraphrased, from 20% to 100%.

πŸ“ What is paraphrase when writing a research paper?

When you paraphrase a research paper, you are altering the original author’s words and presenting them as your own. So, you have to properly cite your work and acknowledge the sources you are incorporating into your work.

πŸ“ How much can I paraphrase in a paper?

You can paraphrase sections of your text and not the entire paper. Select and summarize essential parts that contain major points. In addition, our paraphrasing tool allows you to choose the percentage of words you need the rewriter to paraphrase.

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