About us

Who We Are

We are glad to meet you on Essays4Teaching.com. We prefer to stay transparent to all our visitors. That’s why we prepared the following information to explain how we work and what kind of services we provide. We hope that your stay on our website will bring you fresh ideas and develop your writing skills.

We strongly believe that Essays4Teaching.com can resolve any complicated situation, like writing block, lack of ideas to describe, blank page anxiety, and many others. Here is what we offer:

Unquestionable quality
We check and re-check each received paper. We verify them for grammar, punctuation, and orthographical mistakes. In addition, we look for logic errors.
Topical collection
All the texts in this database refer to Teaching Studies and associated disciplines. You can specify your subject in the search bar to narrow the results.
0% plagiarism
We never accept plagiarized files (and are decisively against any kind of academic dishonesty). You can be sure all the texts in our database are unique.
Easy database search
You can enter any keyword related to your research question and find dozens (if not hundreds) of papers containing this word.
Free access for all
We do not request any payment from our visitors. All the sections of our database are open to anyone free of charge.

Story of Creation

A couple of years ago (although it seems that ages have passed since then), several young people who studied to become teachers decided to share their past papers. They found out how intellectually rewarding and efficient this practice was. They did not copy each other’s ideas. But having access to another person’s train of thought helps structure your own.

Their collaboration persisted, and the students decided to go further in the final year. They created a database and shared it with their peers to upload whatever they had written so far.