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Some of the most remarkable things I enjoy about my job include the opportunity to use and evaluate my leadership skills, plan service improvement projects, and address conflicts of interest. I enjoy utilizing my leadership skills because I am constantly challenged to improve them. Similarly, engaging in performance improvement gives me satisfaction that I am doing the right thing. Conflicts of interest can affect cohesiveness and teamwork in the institution, and addressing them successfully is fulfilling. However, I would like to stop being in a dilemma when handling the teachers I worked with.

While I understand their challenges, I now have a responsibility to ensure that the institution meets the needs of all its stakeholders. I would love to start using my authority as a director to enforce necessary changes in organizational culture. My previous position as a teacher has been a major hindrance to exploring the benefits of my director position. Also, I would like to continue interacting with the toddlers as I used to, which would allow me to ensure high-quality services.

My current role and organization meet my work-based values because I remain accountable for my decisions, promote positivity among teachers and other staff, and exercise democratic leadership. Also, there is minimal interference with internal decision-making, which allows me to consider the most important interests without bias. I was attracted to my current role by the desire to explore a leadership position. Being a director encompasses responsibilities for the institution, shareholders, teachers, and children. As a result, the position is more challenging and offers more opportunities to grow and learn new skills. Furthermore, being a director gives me a better opportunity to determine whether or not I have sufficiently nurtured my leadership skills.

This year, I learned that adaptability is important for any organization and its employees. The changing nature of an industry does not create room for laxity but challenges parties to adjust as required and meet the changing demands. The post-COVID work setting demands better technology prowess to facilitate remote working as well as learning. Also, it requires emotional intelligence to maneuver through challenging times while showing the necessary empathy to affected colleagues.

I project to own and manage a childcare facility in five years. My current role will help me achieve my goal by equipping me with the knowledge and skills to attract clients and maintain good performance in my institution. Being a director exposes me to enough awareness regarding the requirements and challenges of running a childcare facility. Therefore, it contributes to making sure that I understand the key factors to consider when starting and running a childcare facility.

I need a job that adds value or solves problems in people’s lives to ‘feed my soul’ and support myself financially. While most jobs can meet financial goals, they may not offer me a chance to make a difference in another person’s life. Also, I need to make sure that the charges incurred by the clients match the weight of the impact my job has on their lives. For instance, a childcare facility allows parents to work without worrying about their children’s safety. I would consider upgrading my skills in childcare to incorporate emergency interventions when a child experiences a healthcare urgency. Since I have teacher’s skills, I need to acquire basic nursing skills to ensure that I can provide emergency care services when toddlers need them. Also, nursing skills would be an additional client attraction factor because parents will be assured that their children are in safe hands.

It will take at least three years to leave my current position. Since I am thinking of investing in my childcare facility, I will need enough exposure as a director to perfect the skills needed to run the institution. I will seek investors to acquire the funding I need to secure a building that can accommodate the childcare facility. Similarly, I will need financial advisors to understand the economic dynamics involved in opening and running the facility. Furthermore, I will need government inspectors to ensure that the building possesses the right quality to avoid endangering the lives of children and staff members. I will not need to make changes since I will not relocate from the current town. Retaining my residence will create a significant advantage because I have a good reputation from my previous years as a teacher.

Work plays a major role in building the life I want to lead because I have to meet certain needs. For instance, work can pay my bills and help me acquire a better-quality life. My current role supports the life I want by offering financial security. Also, my role allows me to engage in a service that facilitates the continuity of the facility that many parents need to maintain a balance in their lives. Knowing that I make it possible for parents to achieve their goals by taking care of their children, I receive a certain degree of actualization. Similarly, my current role allows me to create an accommodating environment for children in the facility.

By providing unique services needed by the children, I make sure that they live their best lives even when their parents are not present. For instance, having professionals in child development makes sure that the facility offers the best-quality childcare services by recommending suitable measures to improve progress among the children.

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