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Essays4Teaching: Frequently Asked Questions

Please look through the typical questions below before sending an email or using the contact form. Probably, your inquiry has been described here.

1. There’re so many essays here. Do you pay for them?

No, we do not pay the visitors who wish to donate their writing. We believe that the best things in life are free, including our database. If we paid for the papers, we should have charged our visitors. But Essays4Teaching is free for all. Let us keep it so.

2. Are all the resources on Essays4Teaching free?

Yes, we do not feature any paid content. Everything stored in our database is accessible to anyone on the web. Still, if you want to personalize your user experience, we recommend registering on this website. It is and will always be free.

3. What happens if you receive a bad paper through the donation form?

We have seen some poorly written papers (although we do not gather any statistics on the quality of donated documents). There are three ways they can be processed. If the text has some minor mistakes, our proofreaders correct them, and it shortly appears on this website. In the case of more severe drawbacks, we may decide to write a request for corrections to the author. If the paper is so bad it cannot be improved by proofreading, we will delete it without any additional notice to the author.

4. Can I request an essay sample on a given topic?

We cannot provide personalized writing services to our visitors. We do not take such orders. But the volume of our database allows finding the answers to almost any education- and teaching-related question. If you haven’t found one, try a different keyword or repeat your search in several days. The database constantly grows, and you will find something that matches your needs sooner or later.

5. Can I share my paper here?

You are welcome to share any text on Education Science or similar discipline. The only requirement is that you should be its author. Go to the Paper Donation Form, attach the file, and follow the instructions.