Using External Sources in a Scholarly Paper

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An academic paper’s smooth flow and synthesis depend on connecting its parts with evidence, whether from the writer’s experience or data from additional sources. However, employing external references is also crucial to reach the piece’s reliability since conceptions are based on proper research with reliable outcomes that can be used to organize the paper’s main points. Overall, doctors in nursing practice should implement additional analysis and information from other researchers to enhance their article’s credibility and trustworthiness.

In addition, it is vital to note that the health sector’s data is entirely dependent on various types of research, examination, and investigations. The scarce resources for conducting one’s own study result in doctors in nursing practice opting for using others’ ideas since they contribute to the overall quality of their writing. As a result, members of the DNP practice need to apply external data to provide the reader with credible facts, considering that they do not plan on conducting the research themselves. Another critical point is that writers shall employ only credible sources in their academic writing “because your audience will expect you to have backed up your assertions with credible evidence” (Finding Credible Sources, 2021). Overall, it should be noted that any borrowed ideas, even paraphrased ones, should be appropriately cited to avoid plagiarism, also including direct quotes.

To sum up, the implementation of external research is highly crucial for producing a piece full of reliable and credible information. Furthermore, since DNP practice is strongly connected to empirical data, writers should include verified outcomes and results of scientists to enhance the quality of their evidence. Lastly, the authors should regard references with proper citing in scholarly papers to avoid plagiarism and not violate the rights of contributors’ ideas.


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