The Smurfette Principle in Preschool Culture

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It is important to note that preschool culture is one of the most overlooked and underestimated social development elements, which are only addressed if something outrageous takes place. Children grow and learn actively during this period of their lives, which is why ensuring proper societal messaging about the norms and their potentialities needs to be correctly established. The latter is especially relevant when it comes to the representation of girls, who are bombarded with boy-centric preschool culture.

The Smurfette Principle is a highly insightful and interesting take on preschool culture and sexism. For most girls, the conclusion is that they “are being taught to accept the more usual fate, which is to be a passenger car drawn through life by a masculine train engine” (Pollitt par. 7). The arguments made in Mickey Mouse Monopoly support the statements of The Smurfette Principle. For example, even the most non-patriarchic female character, Jasmine, uses seduction and subservience to male interests to achieve her goals (Media Education Foundation). Such a boy-centric preschool culture harms boys as well since they are taught to be toxically independent and isolated, where a search for help is seen as a sign of weakness (TEDxBeaconStreet). Therefore, it is essential to establish and harness a healthy representative preschool culture that encourages equality and humanistic values instead of gender roles.

In conclusion, the preschool culture is often overlooked for its problems and underestimated for its impacts. Both the Smurfette Principle and the arguments made in the videos are in agreement about the current state of gender role imposition with harmful effects on both girls and boys. A greater degree of awareness of representation and messaging around gender roles needs to be given to the preschool culture to enable the healthy development of children.

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