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Having a personal brand helps add credibility and visibility to one’s career, which can be made possible by using a portfolio. Portfolios enable one to attain more than building their brand because they help one build their objectives and developmental goals. Academic portfolios are a tool that can be integrated to ensure career success. In the course of one’s career, academic portfolios document academic and professional accomplishments, and this makes them vital for reaching laid out objectives.

Proper strategies are required to develop academic portfolios. One way of properly developing this portfolio would involve showing one’s career development through elements like educational background, certifications, and employment history (Journey to a Masters in nursing). Having a curriculum vitae with academic credentials would be one aspect that nurses would use in the development of a career-building portfolio. Properly developing a portfolio would also require the integration of evidence-based accomplishments. Blending evidence-based practices and theory would result in a career-building portfolio (Journey to a masters in nursing).

When pursuing the development of a portfolio for career progress, one should also consider aspects of professional and community service (Journey to a Masters in nursing). This should contain aspects about what one intends to do to enable positive societal change. A portfolio with a commitment to community transformation will be career-building. The development plan should also include that one intends to participate in the activities required at a professional level actively. Development plans and portfolios help bring professionals together, and nurses can have a voice. The plans should always be documented and used as a reference point in one’s professional life and used to propel one to new career heights.


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