Understanding Critical Thinking to Create Better Doctors

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It is crucial to understand that people and various situations in life are different and require unique approaches in the modern world. An article written by Zayapragassarazan et al. (2016) discusses critical thinking in medical students and doctors as a facilitator of better decision-making during emergencies. The article provides information on the importance of critical thinking in teaching students who would be capable of independent practice.

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Although the article provides compelling information on critical thinking, in my opinion, there could be some improvements. Zayapragassarazan et al. (2016) explain that doctors should be able to make objective and reasonable judgments to avoid mistakes and perform better. However, while the authors list several measures and learning strategies that promote critical thinking, it would have been helpful if they also provided descriptions for those (Zayapragassarazan et al., 2016).

Moreover, the section titled “Teaching Strategies” seems poorly structured, as it is presented as one paragraph but with incoherent sentences (Zayapragassarazan et al., 2016). Despite that, the article provides certain cognitive steps and characteristics of critical thinking that can be useful, such as asking questions, examining evidence, and considering other interpretations (Zayapragassarazan et al., 2016). Overall, the article explains well the definition of critical thinking and its significance but lacks the description of certain aspects.


To summarize, Zayapragassarazan et al. (2016) discuss critical thinking and its role in medical practice. In my opinion, the article could have been more descriptive at certain points rather than simply listing information. However, the authors provided some steps that can be used to increase one’s critical thinking and decision-making abilities. Moreover, I can apply this article in my carrier the future as a family nurse practitioner (FNP) by remembering to be more cautious with my judgments and decisions.


Zayapragassarazan, Z., Menon, V., Kar, S. S., & Batmanabane, G. (2016). Understanding critical thinking to create better doctors. Online Submission, 1(3), 9-13.

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