Factors of Students’ Poor Academic Performance

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An excel in life, bit it in any field, is such a fantastic feeling which I guess we all want. However, life is full of imbalances, and we often do not get what we deserve of life. For example, it is the desire of all students, regardless of study levels, to toil harder in their studies to register quality grades on their certificates. However, most students usually get exposed to environments and conditions that thwart their performance. Therefore, this paper outlines the students’ backgrounds and situations, leading to poor academic performance.

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Me for example, I can justify my poor fourth-year semester results. I am a military officer. The country demands my service in protecting its territories against external attacks and maintaining law and order, among other expected services. My military life had a direct contribution to my academic performance when I was in my fourth year. Due to looming attacks from the neighboring country, all military soldiers were summoned and were deployed at various stations in preparedness for the anticipated attacks. I was no exception and had to adhere to the call. The camp was no environment for studying, exchange of gunshots, long service hours, and no sleep. Therefore, I could not find time to check the lectures notes and the reading materials. Moreover, the service thwarted my class attendance because I could leave the camp for classes. After two months I was back at my institution where I was expected to sit for examination with little preparation.


In conclusion, there are several challenges in the schooling life influencing students’ performance. Among these include inadequate funds, upkeep money, lack of school learning facilities such as books and the necessary equipment. Moreover, a poor learning environment and incompetent teaching staff are the key factors that lead to the poor performance of students.

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