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The learning process remains one of the most enjoyable educative processes one needs in their life. The transient nature of the whole learning process prompts one to utilize as many opportunities as possible during the entire time. There are a lot of learning skills that one gets exposed to regarding the course that one chooses to do. The learning objectives align themselves with the various skillset that the student supposedly meets before completing. In addition, some exams try to engage the students to ensure they have learned something from their entire course outline and even have the skills to answer application questions well. Regarding all this, the course objectives concerning the Dallas College Materials and the Texas objectives allow proper learning pertinent to the well-conversant nature of the professors and teachers that make it their sole priority for one to understand and gain the necessary skills.

The reflection on the entire learning process covers three basic steps: describing, examining, and provision of the skill of articulate learning. The first part entails precise involvement and identification of what it took to develop this argumentative essay. There are a lot of things that I saw and did when writing the final paper. Some of the things I saw included many more comparisons done in the trade that provided more insight into the topic. Proper research enabled me to come up with an essay of progressive thought that is logical enough for one to read and comprehend. These included having to learn the various styles of writing that exist hence becoming an expansion of the objectives without the inclusion in the course outline.

Another important aspect was rereading the course objectives and formulating a list of thoughts from each topic that had already been covered in class. The major reason behind this was to allow one to cross-examine the ability of teaching criteria to offer teaching techniques that quick mastery of content. Some students can get cramming to pass exams, which will not be of much help in the job market. One of the key assessment areas was the ability to denote the various marketing tools regarding the Dallas College Marketable Skills. The inventory contains some key information about the skills one needs to succeed in whatever one does in the future.

Assessing the practical quantitative skill involved assessing the skills embedded in the formulation of charts and graphs and contextualizing the numeric data. I also assessed myself still in the same topic, the ability to design various experimental models drawing inferences where necessary. Formulating conclusions and having the appropriate interpretation of various data enables one to interpret the current market trends becomes crucial. The ability to select a particular financial corporation and scrutinize it allows one to come up with conclusions about how the entity operates, its securities, profit margins, and even the total time it can survive in the market.


The next part of the essay included having a clear and well-defined examination of the fundamental steps in the learning process. The main idea behind the section was personal growth during the entire learning period. One of the most fundamental skills that people need today is the ability to know oneself well enough. Knowing one’s strengths and weakness becomes crucial in engaging in what one can accomplish. Regarding this, I learned that one of the greatest skills I could cultivate in myself was the ability to push myself to the limit. Most people would term this as resilience and determination. One of the major attributes of personal growth was the emulation of mentors in the marketing field.

More research prompts more knowledge and research about a particular lesson. These entail personal growth since the skills taught come now to reality, and you start using them in real life. Solving various problems and trying to engage myself in various webinars and platforms that are business related. Instead of sitting down and waiting for the completion of the course, I opted to start exploring and see whether what we are taught corresponds to the scenario in the outside world. Thus, I grew to be well conversant in how to approach people and even make them very lucrative deals that they could not resist.

Some course-level objectives were in tandem with what I gained in the field. The first idea was to practice marketing skills and know the limits of oneself. During one of the interactive sessions with prominent people in the sector, I learned that sometimes meeting the course objectives becomes an individual effort of the student, not the teacher. The precision to understand, perform and reiterate what has already been done solely depends on the student. In addition, I learned that there is more application of scenarios with the theory since you will not find everything coinciding with the books.

Owing to the course objectives, I acquired skills ranging from critical thinking to social responsibility. The assignment involved analysis of the already learned topics and having to apply the knowledge to come up with a reflective essay. Incorporating all this proves the critical analysis part which is in tandem with gathering the necessary resources for the research to be successful. Communication, in this case, entails the power of convincing people, especially in the marketing structure, to attract customers. These depicted the essence of time management and respecting other people’s views. Learning also became much more interesting, with others sharing their knowledge.

The business world will be very different from books; hence one needs the various skills of application and not rely on what appears in the books. The solutions that incorporate proper understanding range from many topics one must apply to the course objectives. These provide tangible benefits of developing high knowledge on finding answers and solutions to various problems. These commonly relate to thinking outside the box to ensure the customer becomes the priority. The major concept is to try and provide significant solutions that will satisfy the customer even if they do not get what they are looking for in the market. These become crucial in assessing the valuable part of the marketing scenarios.

Articulate Learning

The marketable skills in the course objectives align with the writing assignment. The marketable skills I believe I most practiced were communication and quantitative empirical. Data interpretation becomes a key and important aspect of any financial institution. Communicating well with various people, so they not only listen but also agree to what one says, becomes crucial. Other skills that I developed during not only the completion of the course but also the assignment were the ability to remain calm and enthusiastic in ensuring that I got the necessary information regarding what I was supposed to learn and apply in the field. The various accomplishments from this class would depict someone resilient and zealous to work and complete tasks to the best of their abilities. These coincide with the fact that one must seek help to understand the various scenarios that exist properly. These prompt teamwork and adequate research hence compiling a list of various methodologies to ensure that the final result is more than perfect.

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