The Art of Words by Hovanec: Article Analysis

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The research questions

  • What are the tangible ways to use the relationship between the word and image to enhance classroom learning?
  • How can ekphrasis be incorporated into the art classroom?

The key terms in the study

  • ekphrasis – a vivid description of a scene, a work of art, or an image (Hovanec, 2016).
  • ekphrastic poem – an interpretation and personalization of the written word in order to create a visual representation (Hovanec, 2016).

The methods used to answer the research question in the article

The author used the method of contemporary and historical research alongside practical classroom implementation to make qualitative observations on their effectiveness in enhancing the learning process. She states that “after researching historical and contemporary ekphrasis, I explored and developed instructional strategies that have the potential to transform the art room into a literary and creative think tank” (Hovanec, 2016, p. 22). In other words, the author conducted preliminary research, devised integration strategies, and implemented the derived models.

Methodologies that are appropriate for art education

The first possible methodology is to improve student engagement by encouraging them to become art detectives. The author writes that “students can become art detectives or virtual art museum visitors, making this step interactive and engaging” (Hovanec, 2016, p. 22). The second approach is ekphrasis in reverse, where students gain inspiration from poetry before turning it into art.

The rationale for investigating the research question

The author’s rationale for investigating the research questions is that “ekphrasis offers art teachers a novel way to teach for deep understanding through inquiry-based teaching” (Hovanec, 2016, p. 26). It is important because ekphrasis improves students’ logical, evaluative, analytical, and higher-order thinking skills as well as judgment. It is stated that “it is not about seeking out the right answer; instead, it is about developing a lifelong curiosity and thirst for knowledge” (Hovanec, 2016, p. 26). Therefore, there is a range of benefits to addressing the research questions.


Hovanec, J. L. (2016). The art of words: Ekphrasis in Action! Art Education, 69(6), 21-27.

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