“Classroom Management Scenarios” by Nazarian

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The video “Classroom Management Scenarios” demonstrates a variety of student behavior issues occurring in a classroom setting (Nazarian, 2022). First, the video showcases the various ways in which students are not paying attention to the lecture: sleeping, talking, drawing, listening to music, playing with items, among others. The student listening to music, when asked a question related to the lecture, responds in a belligerent manner clearly indicating a lack of respect for the teacher. This is further evident in the behavior of the student who is late. The teacher could have addressed these issues by, firstly, laying out ground rules for behavior. This would include telling her students to put the phones away and not to play with items, as well as to be on time for class. When lecturing, she could use a more engaging teaching style than just reading off the PowerPoint slides, which would keep the students focused on the topic. She could ask questions that provoke thought or discussion. Finally, she could use case studies and examples to illustrate her teaching material, as such real-life scenarios are often more interesting than simply absorbing information.

Cases of incivility and bullying are also presented throughout the video. A number of types of incivility can be observed in both classroom and clinical settings, however the two most linked according to studies are student-to-faculty and faculty-to-student incivility (Rawlins, 2017). It is possible that when teachers act with incivility towards students, they push the students to behave in the same negative way back towards them and other teachers. A solution to this issue could be in education on proper communication techniques and the setting of communication rules. If a code of conduct is established and enforced, cases of incivility and bullying could be reported (possibly anonymously to improve report rate) and thus dealt with on an official level more decisively.


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