Credibility of a Video and an Article on College

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Bernadotte, A. (2018) What do we mean when we say, “College isn’t for everyone.” [Video]. TED Conferences. Web.

The presentation discusses the opinion of Alex while joining the college as a beginner. In her thoughts, life will be challenging in college. She must commit to learning and the incorporative nature of all the challenges she expects. The character innovates technology-related coaching methods as a way of improving college performance. She engages in the activity to simplify other students’ lives through the non-profit program. Through her determination, she later wins numerous awards and titles to navigate her way in social tradership worldwide. Through the information, people can grasp that many can attend college, but not everybody gets awards. Self-motivation is a key to overcoming college challenges. Interestingly, the character concentrates entirely on learning and beneficial projects until they graduate and become leaders.


  • The source has no discriminatory language towards anyone or even institutions.
  • Well-stated evidence shows Bernadotte’s progress in the learning institution to achieve her goal.

Hernández, K. (2019) “Children of college graduates earn more and richer.” Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Achieving a degree is difficult, but one can navigate it with interest. There has been an improvement from four to six-year learning, which calls for more resources. Wealth gives students better resources because they can access various learning skills compared to poor people. Typically, learned people have an advantage in terms of earnings. Parents’ education influences the urge and interest to achieve a degree. Better college results enhance workability skills; in the case of employment, the person enjoys impressive pay. Being persistent in education guarantees sequential achievements, as discussed. According to the article, people should constantly be in education to enhance their achievements. If every child has a degree, then financial income provides a similar experience to all.


  • The article does not use discriminative words since it advocates for equal chances for all children, and evidence shows the ability of college education improvement.
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