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The field of education is of vital importance in modern society when people seek to gain knowledge by turning to professionals. A teacher is an education specialist, namely, one who teaches new things, helps to expand his worldview, and determines his place in life. This profession is one of the most widespread across the U.S. and poses tremendous interest to those seeking job opportunities. This paper aims to analyze the average pay of a teacher in Arizona and determine a possible career path.

The educator’s salaries are not the highest ones in the state, and they differ from county to county. According to Courtland (2018), “the statewide average teacher salary for the fiscal year 2017 was $48,372” (3). It means that a median monthly pay equals approximately $4,000, which is below average in the country. Nevertheless, there is a chance to find employment in a private school and earn more.

In the future, the teacher will be a person who is comprehensively educated and deeply knows their subject, and not only their own. The educator will be equal to a mentor who will guide individuals through their developmental stages, incorporating the roles of an instructor, counselor, and other ones (Teacher Career Path). It is a prosperous profession that offers a wide range of career opportunities. For instance, a teacher can move to a school’s administration to improve the policies, become a researcher of educational issues (once the doctoral degree is obtained), or tutor children.

Since I enjoy watching how young kids develop their skills and abilities, I found three potential occupations that I would fit in. Tolleson Elementary School district would be the first significant opportunity for me. Isaac School District offers a position as an elementary school art teacher, and since I am a creative person, I would be suitable for this. Finally, Osborn Elementary School is currently seeking a kindergarten teacher, which is a perfect option for me as pre-schoolers are very easy to deal with. Hence, to become employed in my field, I should obtain a degree, pass all exams proving my qualification, find an employer and start working.

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