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A career is a profession accepted for an essential era of individual life and with chances for growth. It is defined as the advancement of an individual through a procedure by that they acquire knowledge (Güdük and Uca, 130). Employee training and development are paramount and support the organization and employees in achieving diverse goals, such as a sense of security and general capabilities essential to accomplish a specific job (Rodriguez and Walters, 206). Occupation guidance and counseling are also crucial to ensure that individuals make the right choices regarding their career paths (Mereuta 245). The various careers that I admire are hospitalists, respiratory therapists, and ship loaders; however, I prefer Legal Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, or Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers. The essay will discuss these chosen careers, such as the required education and training, skills and abilities, and the job outlook.

Legal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants require individuals to study in vocational schools; it requires proficiency to undertake it. With the advancement in technology, technological skills such as document management software are vital in dealing with customers. These skills are important in storing information both for the organization and the customer. Additional skills required include writing, active listening, and time management. Appropriate abilities to qualify for the profession are oral expression and oral comprehension.

The job outlook is influenced by various factors depending on the nature of the profession. These factors consist of the number of individuals employed and employment growth. Recently, most jobs are technical and therefore require technical skills and immense training to be undertaken. Moreover, with most companies falling due to the global pandemic, the Legal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, there is a slow growth rate.

Legal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants need a conducive environment for high productivity. Common environmental factors of a favorable environment range from air quality and noise levels to temperature. Such factors are vital in helping employees perform efficiently. In addition, they help in job satisfaction and inspire creativity among the employees. Remarkably, a conducive environment is crucial because it affects an employee’s physical, emotional, social, and psychological being.

Income rates are among the paramount consideration in choosing a profession. With the advancement in various sectors, there is a high cost of living. The earnings from the occupation should be able to cater to all the bills and ensure investments. According to 43-6012.00 for Legal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, the Legal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants earn $48,980 annually. These salaries can afford a quality life for the employees if well managed.

I have several personality traits that fit in the legal secretary and Administrative Assistants careers, such as active listening and patience. Interactions with individuals require these personality traits to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Related occupations of Legal Secretaries and Administrative assistants comprise clerks, human resource assistants, and accounting. Considering the advantages and disadvantages, the career is fit, and I can carry out the tasks well.

The Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

The Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers are mostly practical, requiring training and education. Their education can be informal and offered by experienced employees. The training level required can be a certificate or degree. In addition, they can acquire knowledge from a standard apprenticeship program related to the profession. The training is normally for one year or two years to gain the required skills and knowledge.

Basic skills and abilities are critical for every profession to ensure efficiency. These competencies vary depending on the task to be undertaken and the type of job. Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers demand common skills such as active listening and speaking. The standard abilities required comprise problem sensitivity and deductive reasoning. Skills and capabilities have a beneficial and substantial impact on employee performance.

In the Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers, there is an average growth rate. This occupation is demanding, therefore, having an average growth rate of 5-10% (33-3051.00 – Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers). The job outlook is typically calculated by finding the growth of the organization within ten years. This aspect is paramount in providing insights into the future of the occupation and possible opportunities and guiding students.

A conducive environment is vital for the well-being of the employee. Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers need a secure environment to execute their roles. The occupation involved dealing with criminals in accidents and recording reports. An individual has to be in good physical and mental well-being, which relies on a conducive environment. Employers must ensure all employees have a conducive environment to execute activities well.

For employees to work efficiently and achieve the company’s goal, a good income is vital. The average salary annually for police and sheriff officers is $65,540 (33-3051.00 – Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers). Police and sheriffs carry out different tasks. Therefore, they need enough resources to accomplish them. Salaries motivate the employees to work hard and perform perfectly, raising the need to discuss before beginning the profession.

Individuals have different personality traits that are critical in their careers, such as; critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and adaptability. I possess these skills, therefore, enabling taking the police and sheriff’s patrol officers profession. Related occupations for police and Sherriff’s patrol officer’ include detectives, transit police, and criminal investigators. Considering the advantages and disadvantages, the job is suitable for my skills and values.

The Legal and police and Sherriff’s patrol officers’ careers match in regards to some common competencies. Besides, they involve interactions with multiple individuals through face-to-face discussions. I find both careers to be promising, and I possess the required skills and abilities, education, and devotion to the community. The skills and abilities are almost similar, and also both require education and training to achieve the tasks.


In conclusion, when choosing a career path, it is crucial to seek guidance from professionals to help fit the right, besides working hard towards a set career goal. Moreover, changing professions after some time is expected depending on various reasons such as environment and advancement. Thus, an individual should analyze the skills and abilities possessed while evaluating the type of career to pursue in life besides the academic qualifications.

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