Writing Retreats to Support Graduate Students

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It is both necessary and required for doctoral and master’s students to prepare a thesis for their diplomas. Some students rapidly grasp this idea, however, for most pupils, it is an unpleasant and difficult experience. This is owing to the lack of skill in educational writing, and it is in this era that the majority of students drop out of school. A lack of writing skills and expertise is another factor causing these dropouts during the educational writing period (Tremblay-Wragg et al., 2020). Writing vacations have been used as a possible remedy to academic writing challenges. A writing retreat is a strategy of creating space and time for writing by dedicating writing time.

Overall, writing retreat tactics increase publishing output by providing professional, organizational, and personal advantages. Personal benefits include increased self-awareness, drive, and confidence, as well as reduced writing-related anxiety. The presence of investors, the proper allocation of resources, and a boost in follow-up support are all organizational benefits. Finally, professional advantages include a writing refuge, unhindered time during the writing process, and the legitimacy of writers’ papers.

On the other hand, while writing retreats are intended to increase the output of scientific papers, graduate students are predominantly beginners in writing and, as a result, are not well prepared to face obstacles in academic writing. Notwithstanding its limitations and rewards, writing retreats have proven to be beneficial to students. Students’ perceptions of themselves as writers have shifted due to their participation in various writing retreats. In this regard, students’ output has grown, as has their self-confidence in their writing abilities and tactics.


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