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While applying for the desired job, it is important to read all requirements and recommendations described in the offer. One unaccounted factor can interfere with getting a job, even if the person has all the required skills. Applicants can add specific skills that are not mentioned in the job description, but they should be specific and related to this work area (Powney and Watts 1987). Value-add might help people get the job, but only if this fact is presented in the right way and they are not covering the required skills that are always observed first.

For applicants striving for the open position in Norristown State Hospital (NSH) and Philadelphia Department of Prison (PDP), which cooperate in the common work, it is important to have a huge variety of skills. The main task of the position is to work with documentation and coordinate both organizations to provide the best treatment plans based on administrative regulations. To motivate people to apply for this position, all tasks and requirements have wide descriptions that make the work’s vision clear (Rosengren 2018). Those candidates who have all desired skills and experiences can add additional knowledge which might be useful for this position. I would add an experience of working and communicating with people who have mental problems as it correlated with working provided by NSH and PDP. Background in psychology is preferred, and not many candidates might have this level of knowledge to be better in the competition. For instance, working or volunteering in a psychiatric hospital shows HR managers that the candidate is ready to work with different types of individuals, which will not interfere with the main work.


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