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Job Titles and Salary Range

Some of the job titles associated with a pilot’s profession include chief pilot, copilot, and senior captain, depending on their rank in the workplace. Pilots of the largest planes are paid $ 121,408, and median sizes are paid $ 104,219 annually, with pilots of smaller aircraft earning lower (DePietro, 2020). The disparity in pay also depends on other factors such as company regulations, experience, and pilot education.

Skills and Education

Skills a pilot must possess include clear communication, situational awareness, decisiveness, teamwork skills, and calmness. Turilli et al. (2018) establish that educational requirements for a pilot entail a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science and subsequent certification by FAA, which issues an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

Experience Required and Daily Work

Pilots are required to have experience of at least three years before airline employment, with one gaining experience as a copilot (Turilli et al., 2018). The daily work of a pilot is flying planes to various destinations. They work alongside a copilot and in coordination with the airport controls, who monitor the path of a plane and communicate with the pilot regularly for guidance.

Nature of Work and Type of Environment

The nature of the work of a pilot is mainly transportation, and the environment is in a plane, with souls and cargo on board. The plane has a cockpit which a pilot steers it from (Turilli et al., 2018). The cockpit contains many machines and control devices for a pilot to direct a place to its destination.

Challenges and Rewards

The challenges of being a pilot include the long time one spends away from the family during flights, hence unstable homes and minimal socialization (Turilli et al., 2018). The rewards of being a pilot include the high pay and the ability to explore the world, enabling comfortable living and a satisfying urge to visit places.


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