“Community College to Harvard” TED Talk by Josh Lafazan

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Josh Lafazan, in his TEDx Talk, shares his view on the community college’s value for graduating high school seniors. In contrast to the common biased beliefs regarding this educational institution, the speaker brings persuasive arguments in favor of taking an unconventional route. He rightly notes that such an approach often does not meet any support, causing misunderstanding or even condemnation among people. However, according to Lafazan, one should not be afraid of community college just because of accepted beliefs (Community College: Rethinking College Admissions 00:04:40). In fact, community colleges help to save money while providing a diverse environment that nurtures better citizens.

Indeed, community colleges are often perceived as inferior institutions that people with lower intellectual capabilities attend. Moreover, many are convinced that when choosing to attend college, a student is automatically deprived of promising areas of development. I would say that the validity of these beliefs strongly depends on the specific educational institution. In this sense, I agree with the speaker that unconventional ways are not necessarily wrong. However, it should be borne in mind that some establishments may be more conducive to personal growth than others.

Nonetheless, the point concerning the cost comparison is fair and, I guess, one of the most significant when choosing a further path after high school graduation. The difference in financial burden seems to be quite substantial, starting at $3,000 a year for a community college and going up to $33,000 for a private institution (Community College: Rethinking College Admissions 00:08:40). The opportunity to earn extra money in the former option adds to its attractiveness.

Overall, I agree with the speaker in his general perspective on community colleges. It is necessary to stop stigmatizing these educational institutions as they have numerous advantages, from financial accessibility to social diversity. I would only add that, unfortunately, some colleges are not particularly interested in student development, which can be an obstacle to achieving severe goals. Therefore, it is essential to critically assess different options one has after graduation in contrast to choosing the cheapest or the highest in a status institution.

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