Do I Read Like a Writer: Importance of Examining the Famous Writers’ Works

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In fact, teaching from real experience is one of the most effective learning strategies in any sphere of our life. By examining the famous writer’s work, a student could learn more from a professional standpoint than a common reader since the first strives to improve personal writing style, while the second does it for non-writing purposes.

Previously, my reading activity was considered as the necessary work to develop a personal point of view by analyzing the main books’ ideas and their value for society. When reading a book, the sense of writers’ work played a pivotal role since I noticed the ideas worth considering and some special words to improve vocabulary. After finishing the book, I analyzed how I can connect it with my worldview and use this knowledge in the future.

However, the main principles of reading like a writer taught me to derive the maximum information from the literature to increase my reading effectiveness significantly. Firstly, the genre matters, and maximizing their number in a personal booklist improves writing style and determination. Secondly, the notating process should be helped not after but during the reading so that most of the details will be captured immediately. Thirdly, a good writer should have the capability to demonstrate a great variety of expressions so that different types of sentence structures should also be a target for every “reader like a writer.”

Finally, I have successfully applied new methods to my regular practice. My modified work plan involves reading a book of an untrivial genre, sitting at the table, and noticing the writer’s particular words and expressions. I also analyze how to transform the book’s ideas into a formula version so that it will be possible to develop a strong argument in future works.

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