Higher Education’s Importance in Modern Society

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In a YouTube video, What do we really mean when we say college isn’t for everyone? Bernadotte makes several points concerning the importance of higher education. She opposes the widespread opinion that colleges are unnecessary for a person to succeed and makes some statements. First, while some college dropouts may have achieved without a degree, staying in college is a much better option, especially when studying at a prestigious school. The author claims that an Ivy League institution is a powerful place that not only gives its students a safety net but also an opportunity to maintain valuable networking connections. The safety net also includes courses students take, skills they acquire, and people they know. Second, Bernadotte states that during her years of studying, she found her passions and hobbies that eventually evolved into special life skills. She has also started partaking in activism, being able to develop her critical thinking skills considerably. The author’s third point is the importance of the higher education system eventually changing for the better since it does not necessarily provide students with needed skills and demands more and more finances as time passes.

The overall topic of the importance of higher education has grasped my interest. It was intriguing to listen to different viewpoints from the same person in Bernadotte’s speech. The author has made her points clear, and I understand her arguments for completing a college for social connections, at the very least. While I believe that a degree should not be the main validation point for anyone, I agree with Bernadotte’s speech and the idea that colleges give students various opportunities. Even if one does not study in an Ivy League institution and does not get a high-level education in the end, one might still acquire valuable professional skills and make meaningful social connections. I firmly believe networking associations are just as valuable as a degree since people provide each other with opportunities. An educational system is challenging for its students because of how it is built, but a college degree may benefit anyone.


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