Creating a Classroom Hashtag Activity Using Twitter

Topic: Pedagogy
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I will create a classroom hashtag activity. I will use Twitter hashtags to help students find the material they are searching for on Twitter. It is as simple as prefacing a statement with the # sign. Each of these hashtags contains a link that may be followed to get more information about the phrase they refer to. I will have the students look for relevant hashtags regarding what they are studying in class. Through this hashtag, students can post-module discussion posts where they will have an opportunity to comment and criticize each other’s thoughts. Through the hashtag, students will have the opportunity to directly interact with me, where I will get a chance to ask them questions, and they will have the opportunity to clarify them.

Twitter has a character limit, where the current one is 280 characters, while the old school one has a 140-character limit. I will utilize the 140-character limit to challenge the students’ ability to be straightforward and summarize concepts. The activity will leverage the 140-character limit by enabling the students to choose carefully the words and concepts they believe is important. Some students can be wordy and make their work difficult to read. Therefore, the students would have to be careful with their word choice and only present important facts and concepts. The hashtag activity will enhance the students’ ability to summarize texts and only present important concepts. The activity would improve their presentation skills since they will have the chance to practice how to effectively communicate their thoughts.

Microblogging platforms, such as Twitter, have been shown to improve classroom communication and involvement. Microblogging, according to experts, broadens students’ understanding of the things to be taught, helps them discover the links between coursework and actual job, and gives them a new instrument for learning and investigation. Therefore, the hashtag activity, which is a form of microblogging, would expand the students’ activities to use the emerging forms of technology while expanding their knowledge.

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