Special Education in Eyes of Parents of Children with Disabilities

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The following article discusses a study that was conducted among English and Spanish speaking parents of children with disabilities. The study was conducted to collect reviews of the parents and their opinions about special education experience among their children (Burke et al., 2020). The Individual with Disability Act requires parents’ participation during the education of the child to improve children performance (Burke et al., 2020). However, parents of children with disabilities experience challenges, such as language barrier, discrimination from school personnel, complex special education system, and lack of adequate educational service when engaging with the IDEA system.

During the study, it was found out that there were similarities and differences in opinions of the Spanish and English speaking parents. The similarities form both groups of parents were lack of educational services, poor communication, and power differential for special education in the country (Burke et al., 2020). One of the differences among the parents was, Spanish speaking parents felt there was language barrier while the English speaking parent did not experience any form of language barrier. The Spanish speaking parents also felt discriminated and complex education system while the English speaking parents had no complaints (Burke et al., 2020).

Eventually, at the end of the study, both groups of parents agreed that IDEA should provide an improved and more special education service and training to the teachers. The parents also felt IDEA should be fully funded and should hire translators for Spanish speaking parents.

My Opinion

The following study has discussed on a critical issue experienced in the society. Language barrier has been an issue, especially when it involves matters concerning children education. The children with special needs and disabilities require adequate education services to enhance their knowledge. I feel it is important for the government to address the issue about adequate education services for children with disabilities and also involve their parents in the education system to enhance good performance.


Burke, M. M., Rossetti, Z., Aleman-Tovar, J., Rios, K., Lee, J., Schraml-Block, K., & Rivera, J. (2020). Comparing special education experiences among Spanish-and English-speaking parents of children with disabilities. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 33(1), 117-135.

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