The Students Club for Hispanics and Latinos

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Student clubs can be a great place to find friends and communicate about interests. However, their organization requires meticulous attention in order to attract the participant and function ethically. In particular, the unsuccessfully chosen name can be repulsive and cause an unwillingness to be part of the club. For this reason, it is critical to take into consideration the differences between the titles that include “Latinos” and “Hispanics,” and choose the most appropriate. Although sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, it is better to apply Hispanics for a club that unites people with Spanish-speaking backgrounds.

The terms Latinos and Hispanics are not considered racial but refer to culture, ethnicity, and identity. Moreover, people of various backgrounds can claim them as identities (Lopez et al., 2021). However, there is a view that distinguishes them, and the differences indicated in it can matter for potential club participants. According to this perspective, the term Hispanics is defined by the use of the language and unites everyone who has a background in Spanish-speaking countries (Lopez et al., 2021). Latinos, in turn, are defined geographically and include those who come from Latin America – South and Central America, and the Caribbean. Such a distinction, for example, excludes Brazilians from Hispanics identity, as they speak Portuguese.

I share this view that Latinos are defined by geography, and Hispanics – by used language. However, the definition of one’s own identity is a personal matter, and in some cases, the terms may be interchangeable. Nevertheless, the goal of the club is to unite students with Spanish-speaking heritage, which correlates with the title Hispanics. For this reason, I consider it essential to name the student club “United Hispanics.”


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