“The True Importance of Good Spelling”: Defend/Criticize a Reading

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The reading “The True Importance of Good Spelling” should be retained as part of the course readings because of the clarity and meaning that correct spelling brings.

As your student, I appreciate good spelling in fostering meaning and clarity for the reader or employer. Correct spelling is at the heart of effective communication with the audience so that confusion is alleviated (Morrison, 2017). The use of real-world examples throughout the text shows the differences correct spelling brings about when compared to wrong spelling. The reading has been resourceful in making me keen when relaying formal or informal communication and the impression good spelling creates.

Keeping the reading is important in the contribution it makes as I strive to attain the appropriate skills and knowledge for my prospects. The publication emphasizes the rationale for good and effective communication, which makes it vital to have good spelling (Morrison, 2017). The impression that good spelling creates is vital in building viable relationships.

I further advocate for reading retention because I feel the cost we pay for spelling mistakes is enormous while going through it. Whereas we may often assume simple spelling errors, the article reveals how this is detrimental to paralyzing communication. Most importantly, observing the appropriate spelling in all settings remains paramount.

Retaining the article will greatly enhance our perspective as students on why we need correct spelling. By the end of COM 101, I hope to have streamlined my spelling capabilities which will enhance communication both at Seneca and outside.



Morrison, L. (2017). The true importance of good spelling. Www.bbc.com. Web.

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