Autobiography: Human Growth and Development

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When it comes to autobiography, each of us tries to be very creative in writing it. Each stage of life is replayed in the head several times to discover new details or faces. Autobiography is approached critically and analytically to compare feelings now and at the moment of a particular stage. The only drawback is that we, most often, try to remove various critical events or people who then caused pain from our memories. The primary purpose of an autobiography is to retell life and compare it with generally accepted cultural and biological norms.

Type of Parenting and Sibling Experiences

For family life, experience is just as necessary as for other professional fields. I owe much of my current success in raising my sons to the knowledge I gained with my younger sister. The difference between us is only nine years, but it helped me guess her needs and quickly satisfy them as a child. This phenomenon has been characteristic throughout human life; it was typical for troglodytes as well (Bogin, 2016). Older children have always been called upon to help younger children to use this experience in the future. Now that it helps me cope with my sons, I appreciate the understanding I got as a child myself.

School Experiences

It is undeniable that in the modern world, the school stage of our life is of high importance. I graduated from high school in Macon, Georgia, and I can say that it was a significant time. We get to school, where we experience an essential stage of our development in the circle of peers. Our body acquires new biological forms; there is a puberty stage and new acquaintances that satisfy our need for new acquaintances and communication. It is a significant time in our upbringing and development; we learn a lot, which we will use later until the end of life, personality, and culture are formed.

Best Friends

It is pretty interesting to think about best friends because most often, only one person for each person comes to mind. Usually, this person appears in our lives in early childhood or elementary school. Such a friendship, most often, lasts almost until the end of life because a particular degree of affection is formed when the best friend becomes like a family member for me. People meet a lot of people in their lives, but the best friend remains the best friend. Even if this connection is broken, she will find a way to return. My best friend and I have known each other since elementary school. We are still friends, even without meeting for years sometimes, and this is a normal phenomenon and a generally accepted social norm.

Work Experience

In the modern world, work experience plays a fundamental role, regardless of the state, gender, and orientation. It is also relevant for the healthcare sector in which I work. A couple of years ago, I had to start my career as a paramedic, but it did not upset me at all. After years of hard work, I became a registered nurse. It is a crucial stage in my career, which allows me to move further along the social hierarchy. Such a phenomenon is precisely the same norm as at other stages of life. We use the skills we have already acquired in our professional life and receive well-deserved recognition from society.


In conclusion, I would like to note that the experience of writing an autobiography is of high value. I managed to recall a significant part of my life and compare it with existing norms. My life successfully corresponds to them and, probably, like most people. Millennia later, it can be argued that our biological essence has practically not changed, and the cultural part has primarily evolved.


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