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Creating a powerful and masterful presentation through the means available is a pertinent issue for various individuals worldwide. When devising a visual demonstration of one’s thoughts and ideas on the topic, it is necessary to refer to specific tools and instruments that might aid the author in this endeavor. Such software aims to simplify the task of designing the presentation and help the individual focus on the story’s coherence while providing illustrative support for the discussion (Wright, 2016). However, as each instrument implements distinct techniques and offers a diverse set of functions, often adhering to certain demonstration needs, it is imperative to distinguish between the options accessible when performing a particular task. This work examines three presentation tools, Microsoft PowerPoint, Piktochart graphic editor, and Prezi online platform, as suitable devices for my demonstration goals, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages and evaluating their usefulness for the Signature Assignment.

Personal Approach to Presentation Tools Learning

Given the diverse span of existing presentation devices, it is imperative for the learner to be prepared for additional studying activities. In my experience, when approaching a new application that was previously never used, it is essential to gather necessary materials, which will ease the process of education. Personally, I rely on informative videos and reading guides, which provide a step-by-step approach to the software, explaining the range of functions available and clarifying the assignments usually completed on this platform. In this regard, video sources are generally highly efficient when first learning about the interface of the program, as they construct a perfect overview of the options and their location. As for the reading resources, they are most useful for advanced education when it is crucial to discover tools that are more complicated.

After establishing the primary learning sources and gathering initial information about the software, I often attempt to begin my assignment, utilizing the knowledge acquired. As a practice-oriented person, I am remarkably more productive when completing a specific task, as this activity provides me with experience and helps me get acquainted with the instruments first hand. Additionally, I usually monitor relevant problems and complications during this step, avoiding their occurrence in the future.

Finally, after the primary issues have been resolved and initial knowledge has been obtained, I approach the task more carefully, perfecting particular aspects and creating a coherent work. Reviewing the design made and evaluating the overall presentation allows me to outline any weak points, which I resolve through advanced search and additional reading. Content-specific websites and professional guides are my primary references during this activity, as they contain the information needed to finalize my demonstration perfectly.

Comparing and Contrasting Multimedia Presentation Instruments

For this work, I have chosen to examine the software commonly used for devising presentations and is, therefore, well supported by developers. In addition, given the popularity of these devices, extensive step-by-step guides and video clips are available, simplifying the process of studying. The three instruments are Microsoft PowerPoint, an application distributed for personal computers and smartphones, Piktochart graphic creator, an online multimedia editor, and Prezi, an online presentation platform. These tools are well known for their versatility, usability quality, and accessibility for various platforms.

From the applications described, the most user-friendly appears to be Piktochart, which combines the elements of an online graphic platform while retaining some of the desktop application qualities. Although a simple registration process is required, it is short and straightforward, followed by a brief introduction to the mechanics of the software. Several design options are available according to the needs of the creator, from posters to online presentations (Piktochart, n.d.). As such, it is possible to adjust the work format according to the specifics of the task, constructing a perfect visual demonstration. Furthermore, multiple templates and introductory guides are accessible directly through the platform, alleviating the necessity to seek additional materials elsewhere. In comparison to PowerPoint, Piktochart is exceptionally more accessible, allows browsing multiple presentation options, and does not require a subscription or a Windows system installed (Microsoft, n.d.). As for Prezi, this tool appears to be the least friendly, as it aims to offer the viewers an interactive experience, which is difficult to construct without prior knowledge or extensive examination of the instrument.

However, although Prezi seems to provide the most complicated software, the result achieved is tremendously more engaging for the audience. The designs accessible through the editor focus on offering the readers a tremendous viewing experience, comprising such aspects as striking imagery, balanced presentation elements, and interactivity (Prezi, n.d.). The latter concept is vitally essential for the platform, as it is directed at devising demonstrations that flow from one slide to another in a movie-like pattern, stunning the audience and capturing their attention. In this regard, Prezi is considered an instrument that enhances the attributes of wonder and interactivity, ranked highly by the viewers in comparison to other tools (Moulton et al., 2017). As for Piktochart, it might be the least interesting for the viewers given its lack of animated features, with PowerPoint ranking higher than the online editor does.

Signature Assignment Preparation

In my Signature Assignment for this course, I intend to utilize Piktochart and PowerPoint tools to create a presentation that will efficiently deliver my message to the readers. The template designs available at the first platform are highly professional and balanced, both in structural appearance and color schematics, ensuring that the visual component of the demonstration is exhibited masterfully. After that, I plan to incorporate some of the animated functions accessible through PowerPoint to draw my audience’s attention to particular details and secure their engagement in the process of presentation (Negara, 2017). Although combining the two approaches might be a challenging task, I am sure that my research and learning capabilities will be especially useful during this endeavor.

To include the audio and visual components into the signature assignment, I will conduct an additional search for video and reading materials that address the issue in question. First of all, I will have to establish the format of audio and image resources compatible with the platforms used. After that, if needed, I will convert the files into the necessary extension and include them in the PowerPoint file. As the PowerPoint slides are the most commonly recognized form of presentation, I will have to ensure that the final version of the demonstration is working perfectly, especially given the animated and audio features (Pate & Posey, 2016). Therefore, it will be imperative to perform training in the field of format compatibility, file conversion, and multiplatform testing to establish the success of my presentation.


To conclude, three prominent instruments for creating efficient presentations, namely Microsoft PowerPoint, Piktochart and Prezi, were examined in this work, highlighting their benefits and disadvantages. It is reported that Piktochart possesses the highest level of user-friendliness, encompassing both introductory guidelines and more advanced instructions on the platform. Nevertheless, the most visually enticing instrument appears to be Prezi, given its interactivity and movie-like manner of demonstration. According to these characteristics, I plan to incorporate the aspects of simplicity and engagement in my signature assignment, combining the use of PowerPoint and Piktochart. Although it will be crucial for me to conduct additional training in such areas as format and compatibility, I believe that my education practices will aid me during this assignment.


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