Response to Intervention for English Learners

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English learners require active support in their endeavor to embrace the uniqueness and nuances of the English language. Response to intervention (RTI) can be considered an essential tool in supporting students who struggle development the necessary English skills. In her overview of the role of RTI in the development of learning opportunities for the target audience, Dr. Janette Klingner emphasizes the importance of core instructions as the crucial tool in building appropriate testing materials for students with learning issues. Among the key insights that Klingner offers, the issue of progress monitoring and the necessity to obtain relevant data appears to be critical.

Additionally, Klingner’s argument concerning the necessity to obtain student-specific information concerning essential obstacles to learning leads to the recommendation to incorporate appropriate tools for assessing instructions and their appropriateness. Additionally, the role of collaboration between teachers and the community, as well a teachers and students, seems to be a legitimately positive suggestion (“Janette Klingner: Response to intervention with English language learners,” n.d.). Thus, the recommendations that Klingner offers ae fully appropriate and aligned with the present-day concept of learning as a complex sociocultural process affected by the environment within the community.

Overall, the RTI framework plays a vital role in the assessment of learners since it provides the tools and opportunities for the close monitoring of learners’ academic progress. Thus, the development of essential cognitive skills and the relevant abilities is controlled and coordinated to ensure that students acquire the needed skillset. With the focus on a student-oriented approach and the introduction of active learning options, RTI should be seen as an indispensable tool in enhancing student learning and the development of the necessary competencies.


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