Advice for Prospective English 110-114 Students

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Introduction and Purpose

When enrolling in this class it is essential to note the importance of this unit in connection to your career. The purpose of this course is to enlighten students on essential English skills such as reading, professional writing, and improvement of sentence structure, and grammar. Moreover, the course is crucial as it contributes significantly to the student’s overall grade. Therefore, it is critical that prospective students of the course English 110/114 purpose to do their best to achieve a good grade. This memo provides the prospective students with the necessary guidelines needed for the successful completion of this course.

Class Attendance

Class attendance is one of the most crucial actions that a student ought to take to succeed in the course. Attending lectures helps a student to connect between concepts taught in different classes, enhancing the student’s understanding of the course. Also, a student connects to various class readings and gets a chance for clarification on a point during class discussions. Besides, a student also has a chance for social interactions and sharing life experiences during and after lectures. Class attendance contributes to higher grades, thus, make a point of attending the maximum number of classes.


Assignments given in this course contribute directly to the final grade. Failure to submit your assignment leads to a fail or a reduction in the final grade. Also, late submission of the assignment is penalised, hence, students should make sure to submit timely assignments. Moreover, it is essential to follow the assignment instructions for a chance to achieve a good score.

Other Policies

There are several policies laid down for students undertaking this course. Most of these policies ensure maximum cooperation of a student to their studies while others enhance a good learning environment. One of the policies regulates students from submitting copied assignments or receiving assignment help from third parties. If detected, the professor has the authority to cancel their student’s work and forward them to the school’s administration. The other policy ensures respectful discussions amongst the students. Each student is required to respect their fellow students unconditionally. Failure to respect fellow students could lead to expulsion.


English 110/114 is an interesting and fun course to take, therefore, expect to enjoy the class as I did. Also, there is plenty to learn in the course, a student must take the course with an open mind. I like the professor too, he contributed positively to my success in the course. He is very helpful and creates time to listen to feedback.


The course is enjoyable and the lecturer is friendly, however, it is not without challenges. One of the challenges encountered while undertaking this course is the numerous number of assignments in a short time. Also, the professor is very strict on submission dates, therefore, it is upon the student to put the maximum concentration in the course.


Ultimately, prospective students of English 110/114 should have a positive perspective of the course as it is simple and enjoyable. In addition, prospective students should carry an open mind as the course offers the learners an ample opportunity to grasp numerous concepts. Also, the lecturer is very friendly and helpful. However, it is essential to adhere to the set guidelines for successful completion of the course and to attain good grades.

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