Incorporation of the “I Care” Rules and the “Anti-Bias Curriculum” in Classroom

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The ‘I care’ rules are an exciting teaching strategy for encountering child violence as it enhances the art of tolerance and peace among them. The rules incorporate the children’s ability to listen and care for each other as they get trained to look for solutions through teamwork (McGovern, 1997). Moreover, in case of disagreements, children are summoned to the peace table to work things out by generating solutions for their differences and conflicts (McGovern, 1997).

The best part about this strategy is that the ‘I care’ rules are not meant to be memorized, but it is a medium that teaches children how to live together (McGovern, 1997). This strategy is also exciting because it equips the children with elements of peace, which include sharing, being favorable, and helping each other. Therefore, this strategy creates a new error of a unified, obedient, and understanding society.

The best lesson acquired that I could incorporate into my classroom is the ‘anti-bias curriculum.’ It is perfect for adoption due to its simplicity and the vast advantages it holds. This curriculum helps to break diversity and creates a culture of unity among children. Therefore, it is easy to implement as it involves identifying diversities that exist among children, which include: socio-economic diversity, ethnicity, religious diversity, and family-style diversity. And taking the children through practice and lessons that enable them to understand and accept each other regardless of how diverse they are (McGovern, 1997). For example, if the identified ethnicity is color during teaching, the children are given different colors that focus their classmate’s attention on them, making them feel great for their personality (McGovern, 1997).

To achieve a culture of unity, the children are enlightened on how special they are and the importance of seeing each other as equally important to society. Furthermore, the helpful fact about this curriculum is it enables students to identify their belonging by eliminating what drives them apart (McGovern, 1997). And therefore, it leads to a community where everybody is a worthwhile individual by pointing out each child’s uniqueness and what they share in common.


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