Education and Its Role in the Life of a Person

Topic: Education Perception
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I believe that education plays a critical role in the life of a person. Today, to be successful, a person should possess extensive knowledge linked to a particular area and skills needed to perform certain tasks. Moreover, I think that in the healthcare sector, which is attractive to me, the level of demands is even higher, as a person’s preparedness influences the effectiveness of care delivery. With this in mind, I think that going to Virginia Commonwealth University is the first step towards my successful career building. Thinking about the motifs impacting my decision, I should mention several factors. First of all, it is a reputable educational establishment that can provide students with relevant and up-to-date knowledge in a chosen area. It is one of the serious advantages explaining my desire to start my studying there.

Moreover, I should mention the geographic location and size. These factors are also significant as usually, a person selects the best option meeting their demands. For me, the combination of reputation, quality of provided knowledge, university size, and its location is perfect. It means I can feel comfortable during my studies and focus on things that are really important at the moment. Finally, I used social medial to research information about Virginia Commonwealth University and ensure that it has a good image. Being a potent tool, the Internet provided me with much information about this educational establishment, which as well impacted my decision-making. In such a way, my desire to go to this University comes from several factors. It has a good reputation, which is proven by Internet research, its location is convenient for me, and it can provide me with broad knowledge about things important for my career.

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