Demystifying Coding and Billing: Key Points for Students and Novice Practitioners

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Coding and billing can be intimidating for students and novice practitioners, and the materials studied are very useful to understand the issue. First of all, I learned an essential point that code assignment using MMM (Medically Appropriate History, Medically Appropriate Exam, and Medical Decision-Making (MDM)) is driven by the last aspect – MDM and its components (AMCI Medical Coding, 2020). The second important point is that although medical necessity is a criterion for payment, documentation matters, and the provider needs to have documentation that supports the assignment of a specific code. The third important point covers the entire topic of the MDM components since the materials clarify many aspects, which help distinguish the levels of problems, data, and risk for code selection. The changes implemented in 2021 made a valuable contribution by clarifying the terms for various elements. My preceptor helps me make significant progress in using codes, as practice contributes to improvement. He taught me the need to monitor current regulations regarding coding as they update and to separate the different services provided during one visit.


AMCI Medical Coding. (2020). 2021 evaluation and management changes for beginners – Part 1 [Video]. YouTube. Web.

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