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Teachers need to share classroom management responsibilities to ensure that children are proactive and responsible and succeed in their studies. The most appropriate way to ensure children are responsible is by creating schedules and routines (Paris et al., 2021). The schedule lists planned activities with precise dates and times for execution. A routine is an order of actions consistently followed.


The schedule is the broader picture of the main activities students engage in daily, while the routine is the systematic steps taken each day to complete the schedule (Paris et al., 2021). Routines assist children in creating a pattern and predictable way of performing tasks, making them learn things faster and easier. Both routines and schedules help in promoting self-regulation, learning, and autonomy in the classroom by providing a predictable design of doing things. Routines help children distinguish the order of their everyday activities and the expectation with each action and, provide them with a way of expressing themselves as well as gain self-independence (Paris et al., 2021). Schedules assist children in choosing activities and deciding how long it takes.

Schedules and routines help teachers and children coordinate learning activities in the classroom (Paris et al., 2021). Children’s changes in conduct and behavior can be predicted and forecasted through routines and schedules. Class activity coordination such as study group activities, assist student in solving problems together, and consequently ensures that every child is at equal levels. Consistent repetition assists children in understanding and adapting to expectations and therefore improves in managing competition in the family, school, or community settings.


Therefore, teachers should ensure they develop and provide children with routines and schedules, such as timetables, to manage their time effectively and improve their learning and understanding skills.


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