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I look at this world, and I see how many people suffer from health-related problems every day. Infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes, cognitive dysfunction, and now COVID-19 are all killing humanity every day. It seems that we have made enough technological and scientific progress not to die of the disease. And if this is true, the cures for all conditions are unfortunately not available to all people because there are problems of low medical accessibility lack of literacy, and awareness. It’s frustrating.

In short, these challenges cause an insistent desire within me to fight medical injustice. But how can I realize this struggle? I won’t be of any social benefit if I just talk about how unfair the national health care system is or why people keep dying from lack of medication. No, I believe I can only be effective and meet my career needs when I can get quality knowledge at Xavier University. Studying for several years will allow me, I believe, to acquire sufficient competence to earn my Ph.D. as my short-term goal. However, I do not intend to stop there, as my long-term goal is to open my pharmacy (or even a pharmacy chain), significantly expanding medicine availability. My pharmacy will sell drugs and training to an extensive range of individuals, increasing people’s involvement in the health care plan. This seems like an auspicious and meaningful long-term goal, so it is essential to get a starting point, namely knowledge from Xavier University.

Why do I choose this particular educational institution? It’s simple enough — when I was researching university options, Xavier University caught my eye, and I started reading more about it. So, the University’s mission is to educate professionals to provide pharmaceutical support to underserved communities — in other words, it is to work with vulnerable populations. Xavier University is thus, like me, about addressing medical injustice, which is why I immediately thought I had found the perfect fit for me.

Yes, I will indeed face many challenges on my academic journey, overcoming which should make me a more potent researcher. But the truth is, and so far in my studies, I have constantly been overcoming obstacles. I have had to work on large-scale tasks under tight deadlines, be responsible for leadership roles in student groups, and help my classmates. In addition, I am pretty diligent with my homework and projects and always try to complete them in advance. I am perfectly adapted to learning as I have never shown weakness yet. I do not intend to look for tricks and stratagems to simplify my educational process, as I consider academic dishonesty. My idea of what a researcher should be is built on a perception of fairness, ethics, and respect for colleagues, as well as an absolute willingness to discover and change.

I can cite excessive responsibility among my shortcomings, which can sometimes be intrusive. For example, if I have a big deadline for a project, I tend to get it done as soon as possible but neglect personal matters in the meantime. I indeed failed a few classes earlier because the courses taught there did not spark my initial interest, resulting in me being less and less motivated to complete assignments. Sure, I was completing them on time and getting grades, but my projects lacked the inspiration I applied to Xavier University. I am genuinely convinced that I will not let any problems or weaknesses get the better of me while studying at Xavier University, as this choice is an entirely conscious and motivated personal goal of mine. Thus, at Xavier University, I plan to get an excellent education and fulfill my long-held dream of social significance. It will allow me to qualitatively expand my knowledge and gain valuable connections to pursue my dream. For this reason, I would be very grateful if the committee would approve my candidacy.

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