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The world is becoming more diverse and open to different viewpoints, lifestyles and personalities. Special needs children deserve the same rights as their peers, which is why various legislations and services exist to aid them. Allowing them to study together helps the latter develop a better understanding of those different from them. It raises children’s awareness towards people with visual and hearing impairments, autism and learning disabilities. That way, a more accepting and open-minded society is more likely to happen.

To aid special needs children with their way to equal rights, special needs services such as Exceptional Children. This organization aims towards assisting children with disabilities and gifts. There are Units in all of the States, including 18 Special Interest Divisions, focused on a specific field, role or feature (CEC, 2022). Moreover, they have Student Chapters in a large number of educational facilities. Services like these promote a brighter future for children with special needs.

This organization has been helping people with disabilities and autism achieve their educational and employment goals. They have had a strong impact on policies for special and publicly funded education (CEC, 2022). The main points of their policy include defending the main objectives and principles of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, assisting with policies outside of the aforementioned act, improving the occupations that assist children with exceptionalities, advocate policies for inclusive schools and take the necessary means for public schools to receive sufficient funding for helping special needs children. Thus, they focus not only on diversifying schools, but supporting the necessary policies for minors with exceptionalities as well.

They partner with a large number of organizations to help people with autism and disabilities. For example, GoManda is focused on assisting autistic children with vocabulary comprehension. They do so by taking their learning style into consideration. They have partners who deal with children with visual impairment as well. The American Printing House for the Blind is the biggest non-profit organization that helps people with blindness or eyesight difficulties (CEC, 2022). In order to do that, they give accessible and up-to-date products necessary for great results. Thus, partnering with such organizations, they expand their horizons and help them with promotion.

As mentioned earlier, there are various laws and projects that help special needs children. The most famous one is the previously mentioned IDEA act. It guarantees that minors will be provided with free public education that considers their needs (Masters in Special Education Degree Program Guide, 2021). While it does give them the required extra assistance, this act allows children with disabilities to participate in the same actions as their peers. Another example of such a law is the No Child Left Behind Act. It requires states to create their own criteria for evaluation of students’ academic skills. This act provides the necessary means for educational facilities to show the progress of children with exceptionalities. Knowing about such laws and acts provides the necessary depiction of the rights of such children.

Considering the aforementioned information, special needs services help youths with special needs receive the same education as their peers. This helps them receive services that are respectful of the requirements such children have. That way, minors with exceptionalities will have a promising future, career and prosperous life. They will not feel alienated from their peers, as they will have the opportunity to engage in the same actions as them. Being supported by employees who are qualified to educate such children, they will have their exceptionalities considered, while being respected the same way as their peers.


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