College Education’s Role in the Modern World

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College education in the modern world plays a decisive role in the development of a person as a full-fledged member of society. College education provides fundamental, scientific, professional, and practical training. Obtaining an educational and qualification level by the interests and abilities of an individual makes it possible to improve scientific and professional training, retraining, and advanced training. Obtaining new knowledge, skills, and information, as well as the need for their permanent renewal and development, is becoming a fundamental characteristic of workers in the post-industrial economy.

The sphere of education significantly intersects with the economic sphere in the information space. The educational activity is turning into an essential component of economic development. A person in the information society receives several new opportunities for development and self-realization, as well as for using these opportunities (Odinokaya, et al., 2019). The sphere of education in the social structure of a post-industrial society is closely connected with all the elements of this structure, and the course of social development also depends on the social structure.

College education’s main task is to form a specialist’s creative personality capable of self-development, self-education, and innovation. Regardless of the acquired profession and the nature of the work, any novice specialist must have fundamental awareness, professional knowledges and skills in their field, experience in creative and research activities to solve new problems, and competence in social and evaluation activities. College education allows me not only to provide myself and my family with a stable income in the future but, first of all, means self-development.


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