Online Education: Advantages and Disadvantages

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The popularity of online education continues to gain momentum, especially against the backdrop of the current pandemic. The main task of educational institutions is to find the most effective way to provide content and materials for students. The discussion remains, which is still better: classical learning at school, where everyone sits next to and interacts with the teacher, or online learning, where the same thing happens. The primary purpose of this work is to talk about the main advantages of online education over classical, but do not forget to mention the existing disadvantages. Also, explain why online education looks into the future and why it will become more effective and better every year.

Online Education vs. Offline Education

Online technologies are improving every year, which means that the quality of education on the online platform is improving, new technologies are being used that make the process diverse. Schoolchildren no longer have to spend hours on the way to school, which saves them a lot of time, turns on the computer, and connects to the lesson (Moise, et al., 63) The only disadvantage of everything is the self-control of each student so that he attends classes in good faith; at the initial stage, parents may need help, it is easier to control this process in a standard classroom.

There is a myth that online education lowers the quality of education, but this is not true. Modern educational platforms come up with new mechanisms every time that control the student. This social experience is actively used by students now when they solve tests and answer the exam under vigilant supervision (Dumford, Amber, and Angie, 455) Cheating or peeping on online platforms becomes much more complicated than in school classrooms.

Online education can and should be trusted; a large number of studies confirm this. The student has more time to receive and process information and also independently searches for additional information. Every day new knowledge appears in the world, which is found at our fingertips. Thanks to online education and educational platforms, it is much better and faster to get access.

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