Higher Education and Its Main Goals

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The author of the chosen article is educator, writer, and musician Andrew Simmons. In his writing in The Atlantic titled “The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College Is the Key to Social Mobility,” he raises the critical issue of defining the goals of higher education for students. Regardless of the publication date, which was January 16, 2014, the issues he expressed are still relevant today. He argues that the educational process itself prepares students for their future roles in life (Simmons). Equally central is the importance of education as further intellectual development, not just as a way to improve the salary.

Simmons defines the central thesis of his article at the very beginning, immediately after the title. It is of the policy type, as it implies action, namely how higher education “should be offered” (Simmons). Further, he reformulates the same thesis into a value type, arguing that students’ resourcefulness about their future depends on their understanding of the meaning of higher education (Simmons). The thesis in writing concentrates on the main idea and is fully explained, proving its effectiveness.

The audience for which the work is intended is broad: the author refers to his fellow teachers, but some ideas are simplified for students and their parents to understand. Thus, using the example of his student, he reveals an opinion that can be shared by many students, especially those who value education. Moreover, for parents who value their child’s development, this article is likewise accessible and understandable.

The purpose of this essay is stated in the thesis statement. It is an effort to convey to all, especially those associated with teaching, the importance of proper goal-setting for school graduates. The earnings gap between people with high school education and a college degree is a problem (Simmons). Furthermore, when choosing a future profession while focusing on future salaries, it is not difficult to make a mistake and end up abandoning education. The author’s expression is clear and evident to any reader.

When reading this article, many people may think about the level of the problem of presenting educational goals. While most people can assume a correlation between educator advice and graduate goal formation, very few think about the importance of this connection. To be sure, the author makes a compelling case for this connection and provides the public with food for thought and a reason to correct their own actions for educators.

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