Academic Integrity and Professional Conduct in Medical Education

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Academic integrity is the foundation of the education system particularly for the medical students overwhelmed with a wide range of materials and challenges that they have to overcome. This can sometimes lead to the cases when medical students appeal to cheating and breaking the code of conduct in order to pass examinations and avoid memorizing tones of materials. However, looking for more simple and dishonest ways can lead to a loss of the trust between a patient and a provider as patients would not like to be treated by the dishonest and unprofessional provider. Honesty can bring respect and love to its owner by others. The fact that PA field is not so easy will not prevent me from becoming a professional in this field and giving a hope to my patients.

The Professional conduct is also an important part of the medical education as people should always try to become professionals of their fields and develop further to become the best ones. The obstacles and challenges that we have to go through are the main motivators for the constant growth and self-knowledge. I believe that although no one is perfect, people who are eager to become the best versions of themselves and become a role model to the next generation are the best.


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