Milken Institute School of Public Health

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I always perceived health to be the greatest wealth; this is because good health enables people to save for other developmental activities. One way of learning about health is by pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH). As much as the students may be willing to venture into this course, some of them cannot manage to pay the learning fees. Based on this fact, it is my wish to negotiate some adjustments that would favor health learning. And I would wish to see some improvements made to the MPH experience. Namely, I would like to see the dean and executive negotiate for better funding so that the learners can have more opportunities for fieldwork and direct learning. Additionally, I believe it would be great to see the school create more partnerships with organizations to give students access to real-world experiences. Finally, I think that increasing the number of scholarships available would be a valuable investment in our future leaders. Within Milken Institute School of Public Health, the dean and executive members can brighten the future of their students, including the poor ones. This is because they are responsible for negotiating funds and ensuring that students have the resources they need to succeed regardless of their social status.

On the other hand, the students at the Milken Institute School of Public Health should pursue their MPH. The school provides an academically rigorous course with a real-world focus, preparing students for careers as public health professionals. The faculty consists of leading experts in the field who inspire and motivate students to pursue their dreams of making a difference in the world of public health. The students have all it takes to have MPH, to save lives by teaching people the best ways to live. In starting the MPH program, do not postpone because tomorrow might be busier than today; this is the best time. This curriculum will help to train future public health professionals in evidence-based strategies for illness and injury prevention. In doing so, these students will reduce death rates caused by inadequate public health education and access to care. I desire to support all the students with a plan to pursue MPH. Though this support may not be realized due to scarcity of funds, and therefore I will sacrifice to pay the full school fee for the first three students to register to start their studies.

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