Engaging Diverse Students in Educational Setting

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The main objective of every teacher is to be the teacher every child loves to have in their school. Almost all teachers find it fulfilling in becoming a teacher since they can help their students shape their future. However, how school systems all around the world respond to migration has a huge impact on the students they teach as well as the communities at large (Gestwicki,2015). For instance, how teachers can get ahead of language barriers and help every student feel like part of the classroom community is very essential.

Saying hello to all the students is one way of establishing an atmosphere of welcome. This is because a simple greeting helps friendships grow and it is one way of making efforts to welcome immigrant families and students. As a teacher, printing posters that start with the word hello is an important way of establishing an atmosphere of welcome to all of the families Hoek et al. (2021). The second thing would be to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the students and make sure an interpreter is present. This is to help in understanding the students better and to be able to share the information about the teacher as well as the subjects in hand as the teacher learns about their family’s history, communication preferences as well as needs.

Since the school has a lot of students from China and Eastern Europe, it is very imperative to bridge the language barrier. It is hard to create an environment of welcome for every student unless the teacher speaks the same language or can find an interpreter who speaks the same language. In this case, a translator is hired to help bridge the language barrier in the school. Moreover, creating a conducive environment for the immigrant students would be to assume a positive intent Jolie et al. (2021). Different cultures all around the world have different expectations. Instead of concluding things, it is important to assume a positive intent since parents want their children to succeed in school as well as in the future.


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